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About Our Service

Sound Safari is a web app that let you design an interactive map where you can draw sensitive areas linked to a sound. The map will be easily embedded on your website and be used by your users with their mobile devices.

Web powered

To use Sound Safari there's no need to install any app. Just use your favorite browser!

Easy to customize

Use our control panel to build your map and customize how you want it to appear

Ready to embed

You can easily embed your Sound Safari map in your website and drive your users through it

How Sound Safari Works?


Enter your credentials to access the system and start creating your map


With our easy-to-use online editor you can design and create your interactive maps in minutes. Upload your audio tracks, design the zones and relate to them the multimedia contents you like, starting form the sound.


Test your map with a click. Open it, navigate it , see what it looks like and how it sound.


Save and publish your map with a click. As easy as that.

Use Cases

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